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Figuring out the logistics of this as you move through it.

Based purely on the circle version at the moment (as the icon isn’t finalised) it actually occupies a huge amount of space as you move through which is great. 

Length of about 9 shelves. 

Also great to have it going vertically up some of the columns to further define the section. 

My last attempt before giving up on this style of design for stage two.

And it worked. 

It looks like if I am careful about my placement it will work in the space of the supermarket without interfering with the product fronts.

Very rough plays but has quickly answered my questions surrounding it.

My favourite is the one that has the placement right down the end of the aisle over a section and is viewed from the other end of the aisle. 

Stage Four

This stage is the most important as it is left forever once the rollout is complete.

This style of the stage also affects every other stage.

Got my dad to help out by drawing me up the dimensions within a supermarket, so that whilst I’m doing my planning I have a realistic idea of the space I’m working with. 

Might also be useful to make a small 3D model of a supermarket to implement my final executions. 

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